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Village Mastering UK provide mastering services to clients across the world. Our mastering studio is based in Durham in the UK. We professionally master all types of music from electronic dance music, to folk, to hip hop, to pop, to rock.  We will transform your mix into a polished master. We use the highest quality mastering-grade technology and monitoring environment.  We offer a low cost but genuine professional mastering service.





To order 6 or more track professional mastering package:

To order between 1 and 5 track professional mastering package:

Our pricing is transparent and all inclusive. There is no VAT to pay and no additional charges :

1 track professional mastering = £19.99

2 track professional mastering = £30.00

3 track professional mastering = £40.00

4 track professional mastering = £50.00

5 track professional mastering = £60.00

                      + further tracks at £10.00 per track


Eg.... 9 tracks = £100


Alternatively, email us at                                               , let us know how many tracks you require, and we will send you a PayPal Invoice.

PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer provide a Red Book CD Master production service, but can provide free advice to clients using our mastering service, on how to produce your own CD-R master, that meets Red Book Standards.