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Village Mastering UK provide mastering services to clients across the world. Our mastering studio is based in Durham in the UK. We professionally master all types of music from electronic dance music, to folk, to hip hop, to pop, to rock.  We will transform your mix into a polished master. We use the highest quality mastering-grade technology and monitoring environment.  We offer a low cost but genuine professional mastering service.





Do you have some ‘before’and ‘after’ recordings, so I can hear your previous work?

So how can I get an idea if I will like your results?

Our rates are so low because we maintain low overheads. For example, you may also have noticed that we don’t offer a telephone enquiry number on the website. This means we can focus entirely on our schedule of work, and therefore work smarter. We encourage you to send as much info as possible by email, regarding what you want from your mastering. We can then keep your email and refer to it throughout your session. One area we don’t cut corners in is in our equipment. We make no secret of the fact that all of our mastering is digital and ‘in the box’. We are not offering a service where your tracks will be fed through 30 years old analog processors. We will use state of the art audio processing software to enhance and maximize your music’s potential. Perhaps more important than the equipment though, is the 21+ years experience of our mastering engineer. He is your second set of ears – for the most critical stage of your music creation.

You should never base any decision to choose a mastering engineer on ‘before’ and ‘after’ recordings from a website, as they are too easily manipulated. I know of more than one on-line mastering house who reduce their ‘original’ recordings level by -3dB so that the mastered version sounds dramatically louder. We provide something far better >> (See next FAQ) ;

In the best way possible – we will perform a FREE demo session for you. You can send your original recording (16 or 24 bit WAV or AIFF format) to us, via and we will master approximately 30 seconds of it and send this back to you for your approval. You are under no obligation. If you like the work, you can then go ahead and have your full track(s) mastered. If you require a free 30 sec demo, please drop us an email first, so we know to expect your files.

Why are your rates so low?

How should I send my mixes to you, and in what format?

You can send your files to us using any file transfer service.        We recommend

                                             as it is the fastest site, and requires no registration. Simply upload your mix and enter your email address, and our email address where requested.  Our email address is :-




Mixes must be in WAV or AIFF format, preferably at 24 bits, and the mixes must contain no compression or limiting on the stereo channel (ie. please don't attempt mastering before sending us your mix!  Please ensure your mix has headroom - make sure it is peaking no higher than -6db on your mixer's meter.