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Village Mastering UK provide mastering services to clients across the world. Our mastering studio is based in Durham in the UK. We professionally master all types of music from electronic dance music, to folk, to hip hop, to pop, to rock.  We will transform your mix into a polished master. We use the highest quality mastering-grade technology and monitoring environment.  We offer a low cost but genuine professional mastering service.





Welcome to Village Mastering UK. We exist to give artists and producers an opportunity to have their mixes professionally mastered by a genuine facility and an experienced engineer, at a low cost.


Our Mastering Engineer has 24 years experience of professional mastering, in facilities across the world.


We offer free 30 second demo masters!


Obtain the following benefits, for your mixes;-


Increased perceived loudness – your tracks are as loud as commercial recordings.



 Improved tonal balance – bass, highs and mids are adjusted appropriately, and your music will really cut through.



 A professional sheen for your recordings. High grade compression, limiting and EQ will really gel your mix and provide a cohesive, polished sound.



 A fresh pair of ears – on the final and most important stage of your production.